Sunday, February 12, 2012



Lucky 13?

I was on Facebook yesterday when I got a chat message from Kelly, who is in country right now for court so she can be Charlotte's mama.  Her first words were, "Hey Kim.  If you haven't gotten long johns yet, just do it.  Trust me."  She went on to say that she and her husband did some sightseeing at 1:30 in the afternoon and the temperature was some crazy -30 business.  Um, great.  I hadn't even really considered long johns.  I keep thinking that it won't be much colder there than Massachusetts or New Hampshire, which is where I lived for about 25 years.  Wrong. Glad we went shopping yesterday. . .   

I am now the proud new owner of these babies.  I guess if nothing else, I can wear them as pajamas when we've come home.  And I have a feeling I'll be thanking Kelly when we get there and I need to wear them!!  

So one other thing I have zero need for here but will need when we are in Katie's country is a winter hat.  And, despite growing up in New England where it is obviously cold and snowy, I haven't worn a winter hat in probably 25 years.  Have you seen what those do to your hair?!  I realize this is ridiculous and vain, but how do you wear a hat somewhere, then take it off and have good hair still?  I think I found the answer.

I got a cloche hat.  Mine has a fabric flower instead of the buckle, and it's warm and lined with silky material.  No static, and my hair won't be out of control hat head when I take it off.  (Because I'm sure every day Katie prays for a mama with good hair. . . )  And I realize that I'm not going on this trip to make a fashion statement, but I also don't want to look like a doofus the whole time.  We got Chris a hat too, and we both got some great warm gloves and scarves.  Chris got some boots, and I had picked some up for myself a few weeks ago.  The only other thing on my list was some new earbuds, and we're in business!  

I cannot believe there are only 13 days to go until we leave.  It's going by fast!  Last night Chris and I went out with some friends for dinner, and my mom spent the night at our house.  It was a good trial run for everyone I think.  One boy in particular - JACK - is not good about going to bed when he sleeps at Gigi's house, because he gets so excited and just wants to play.  Thankfully, here he went right to bed with no problems (or at least that's what she told us!).  That makes me feel good about when we're gone, and that he won't turn into a sleep deprived monster.

Today I'm going to work on some more freezer foods for the boys to eat while we're gone, and we'll work on our valentines.  Have a great day!

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